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Fantasy football: FanDuelin' Week 6

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Along with the weekly San Francisco 49er focused fantasy preview, the Fan Duelin’ series documents one man’s battle to turn a fantasy football addiction into cold hard cash through daily fantasy contests.

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Ezra Shaw

Fooch's Note: SB Nation has a network specific league at FanDuel this weekend. It's a $10 entry fee, and you just need to set your lineup by Sunday's 10am PT games.

Week 5 Recap


I had the pleasure of starting Russell Wilson and Demaryius Thomas. That was a combined 72.84 points between two players. The late switch to Green Bay Packers defense didn't hurt either. This week I'll try another Head-to-Head game. One against a filthy outsider and one against Niners Nation fan "Niner1977". The lineup below is for my matchup against the aforementioned outsider.

$5 50/50 Entry
Finished 1 of 2
Winnings $9

Final Roster

Russell Wilson $8,300 - 34.24 pts
Le'Veon Bell $8,600 - 13.9 pts
Rashad Jennings $7,200 - 7.4 pts
Demaryius Thomas $8,600 - 6.8 pts
DeAndre Hopkins - 9.3 pts
Golden Tate $5500 - 15.6 pts
Marques Colston $5500 - 7.8 pts
Shaun Suisham $4800 - 5 pts
Green Bay Packers $4800 - 22 pts

Week 6 Preview

Starting Bank: $60
Current Bank: $53.04

Here is my set up for week 6:

$5 Head to Head $60,000 Player Acquisition Budget
Winner Receives $9


Matt Ryan (Falcons) $8,700

It should be a shootout in Atlanta. Roddy White and Julio Jones are healthy (for the moment) and you have a revenge factor with Devin Hester. Matt Ryan plays his best at home and the scenario is setup for a big day against Chicago's defense.

Running Backs

Andre Williams (Giants) $6,300

He should be a popular pick this week given his tempting price and expected role with Rashad Jennings out. He better keep that ball tucked tight. Tom Coughlin has been known to bench players for giving up the ball (see Wilson, David). Williams' match-up against Philadelphia who could be a peach if the Eagles are forced to go without DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks.

Ben Tate (Browns) $6,800

I went to the bargain bin on both running backs this week to support my wide receiver habit. A healthy Ben Tate is a great option against the Pittsburgh defense going on the road. The Browns hammered the Titans with the run last week and will try to do the same in their rematch with the Steelers. Tate was 6/41 before getting injured in their week 1 game. Hopefully, he picks up where he left off.

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones (Falcons) $8,900

I originally went with Antonio Brown, but I decided to stack Ryan with Jones this week to take full advantage of that potential barn burner. Jones has been one of the most heavily targeted wide outs this season and that shouldn't change as Atlanta tries to keep up with Chicago's offense.

Michael Crabtree (49ers) $6,700

The last two weeks haven't been great for Crabs. His foot ailment might be a real concern since he has played less than 60% of snaps the past 2 weeks. So why go back to the well with him this week? He has a Monday night game so the extra rest may help his movement. In his career against St. Louis he has averaged just under 5 receptions and 82 yards and a TD. Take away the one game coming off injury last year and those numbers improve. I may still make a switch as there are some other solid options for the same price (Keenan Allen, Andre Johnson, Kelvin Benjamin).

Percy Harvin (Seahawks) $7,600

The Harvinger of Doom had not 1, not 2, but 3 touchdowns called back on Monday night. He gets another soft secondary this week when the Cowboys visit Seattle. There may be some added urgency to do right by Percy and get him in the end zone this week. Even if that is just something my brain conjured up to make me feel better about selecting a Seahawk, I like his usage and match-up enough to justify the spend.

Tight End

Owen Daniels (Ravens) $5,300

He has eased into the lead tight end role fairly well. Joe Flacco looks to him when they get into the red zone and they should have plenty of looks against the Tampa Bay Defense.


Shaun Suisham (Steelers) $4,800

He is consistently one of the cheapest kickers and I think he'll get a few opportunities against the Browns.


Minnesota Vikings $4,800

I don't think much of Matthew Stafford sans Calvin Johnson and the Vikings fit the mold for what I look for in a fantasy defense. Their cheap, their at home and up against a quarterback who has been mistake prone in the past. This pick could bite me in the rear if for some reason Calvin is a full go, but that seems like a long shot at this point.

Who made your daily fantasy roster for week 6?