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Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson to be featured in Temple Run 2

If you have ever played the mobile game Temple Run 2, you'll soon be able to use Colin Kaepernick in the game! Imangi Studios has partnered with NFL Players Inc. to bring Kap and Russell Wilson to Temple Run 2. The game is expected to include other players down the road. Each of these players will be available for download for a limited time only. If you download the player, you will be able to keep using them after the download period ends.

I've never actually played Temple Run 2, but apparently it's ridiculously popular. The game-maker claims over a billion downloads. I'd say that's a sizable amount! As they describe it, gamers take on the role of an explorer who steals a coveted idol and runs as long as possible through varying landscapes, avoiding obstacles to earn points and escape a terrifying demon monkey. That's certainly something. They say each football player will be modeled after their real life persona. You can watch some video above of Kap running around in the game.

Here are a couple screen shots:

Colin Kaepernick Temple Run 2 action

Colin Kaepernick Temple Run

And of course, they had to play up the Kap vs. Wilson angle!

Colin Kaepernick Russell Wilson Temple Run 2