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49ers sign WR Kassim Osgood, release QB Josh Johnson

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The 49ers made a transaction involving two regularly transacted players. This is kind of funny.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is becoming almost comical. The San Francisco 49ers have officially signed wide receiver Kassim Osgood, and in order to make room for him, they released quarterback Josh Johnson. The 49ers released Johnson last month to make room for tight end Asante Cleveland when Vernon Davis and Vance McDonald were both injured. Once the tight ends got healthier, the team signed Johnson back, and released Cleveland. This marks the 5th time in two years Osgood has signed a new contract with the 49ers.

The 49ers will now have both Osgood and recently signed Bubba Ventrone available for special teams work this Monday against the St. Louis Rams. I thought the Osgood move would come with another player getting hurt, but this move would seem to indicate that is not the case. The team simply wanted another player on special teams. I'm curious now who gets Josh Johnson's inactive slot this weekend.

The 49ers will have 12 more games this season after Monday. In those 13 weeks (12 games + bye week), how many times will the team have a transaction involving Kassim Osgood and/or Josh Johnson? I'll set the over/under at 3.5 total moves between the two of them. A move like what happened today counts as 2 for this total. Would you take the over or under?