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Golden Nuggets: Frank Gore's caries being purposely limited and 'field goals are not evil'

Saturday, October 11, 2014 edition of the Golden nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Thearon W. Henderson

Good morning everyone. We have an annoyingly long wait until the 49ers play Monday night in St. Louis against the Rams. The Rams are maybe the most disappointing team in the NFL from the standpoint that most expected them to be good and they just... aren't. I feel for my poor old man, who has been waiting for years now for the Rams to be good again. Every other year it seems they take one step forward and follow it with two steps back. The most surprising stat about the rams (and one that I just learned yesterday), is that for all their vaunted defensive lineman and pass rushing prowess, they have only one sack on the Season. Wow.

In other news, Greg Roman spoke to the media yesterday, and had some interesting things to say. Firstly, anyone familiar with twitter during 49er games knows that Greg Roman and his supposed "playing for three" offense isn't very popular. But Greg came right out yesterday and actually said it, "field goals are not evil." Obviously, he is right, they aren't evil, but I just wish Greg's offense didn't seem so content to settle for three so often. The other interesting thing that he had to say was that limiting Frank Gores carries is part of the plan. Once again, in a vacuum, he is right. As much as the Troy Aikmans and Chris Collinsworths of the world want to make it seem like whenever the 49ers struggle, it is because Frank isn't involved enough, he is in his 30's now. He is 31 and has struggled to finish each of the last three seasons. I don't think trying to prolong his legs as long as possible is a bad idea, especially with a back like Carlos Hyde that hits the hole so hard, he looks like he could break one at any moment.

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