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49ers-Rams post game quotes

The San Francisco 49ers took care of business against the St. Louis Rams in Week 6. Here are post-game comments from Jim Harbaugh and various players.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh

(On if at the end of the first half he was content with letting the time run out)
"No. As it was getting into the third down, they still had three time outs so we were a little concerned.  We really wanted to come out of that with points, either  a field goal or a touchdown.  We took our shot and (QB) Colin Kaepernick made a perfect throw, a really good play call and Brandon Lloyd on the double move, ran an excellent route.  Made great separation and finished it." 

(On the game)
"This was just a really tough, hard win on the road, division opponent, they really came after us.  We had some mistakes early, some adversity early, but our guys really showed championship character.  I am proud of the way they stepped up.  We needed some different guys to step up because we have some guys banged up.  The guys who did (step up) did a heck of a job.  (LB) Chris Borland, (WR) Stevie Johnson did a great job. This really was a hard, hard working win. I thought our guys really set their jaws and got it done."

(On this being the third straight win where the team won with a great comeback fashion)
"I think there was just hard tough play.  There were so many examples of it.  The slant to Johnson in traffic, and Colin stepping up in the pocket and making the throws to extend the drives.  Defensively, I thought( NT) Ian Williams really flashed,  (LB) Michael Wilhoite stepped it up.  I thought (DT) Ray McDonald played a heck of a game, he played well.  (DT) Justin Smith, (LB) Dan Skuta, a lot of guys.  It was just a hard working tough fighting unit tonight."

(On the Rams defense)
"They were committing to zero coverage and fog the gaps and they did a really nice job of it.  Running through gaps.  Making it tough, tough to run, we had to work for all of our yards.  Fortunately we were able to crack a few and then pass and gain."

(On WR Brandon Lloyd's 80 - yard catch and the effect on locker room moral)
"It gave us momentum; we talked about just coming back and keeping the momentum.  We knew we had the ball back offensively and we thought that was going to be an important drive to keep the momentum going."

(On more defensive pressure after touchdowns)
"We were bringing the blitzes and the pressure was good, the best it has been all year and we needed it.  (CB) Perrish Cox made some great plays on the ball tonight."

(On LB Chris Borland stepping in)
"Chris did a good job, every tackle he was his blitz tempo was good and he was good in coverage.  On at least two occasions he got a PBU.  I thought he stepped up good."

(On if this was QB Colin Kaepernick's best performance)
"I always think Colin plays well.  He just keeps doing it and doing it.  No turn overs from the quarterback position, he is really good at running the team and getting us in the right play and throwing the ball really well.  He had some pin point throws where he laid it in there perfectly.  He got the step up and the check down and kept the chains moving."

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick

(On his touchdown pass to 49ers WR Brandon Lloyd before the end of the first half)
"Big momentum boost for us."

(On if he felt they needed a big play like that to get the team going)
"At that point we did."

(On if the Rams were highly committed to the run and resulted in having to pass more)
"We just didn't take advantage of the opportunities early in the game. We did later in the game."

(On if there is a particular reason he rises to the occasion in primetime games)
"I don't know, just fortunate, I guess."

(On if he felt he had more time in the pocket than he had expected)
"I wouldn't say more than I expected. Our offensive line does a great job. They work very hard during the week to make sure they're on top of things, and they went out and showed it tonight. They did a great job."

(On if he saw 49ers WR Anquan Boldin during the entire play on his touchdown pass)
"No, he came back and made a great play. He was supposed to be running the other way, saw me scramble."

(On if his eyes were primarily on T Joe Staley)

(On what he saw as the play developed)
"He got tackled."

(On if he thought it was a free play since there was a penalty flag on the field)
"I saw him get held. I didn't know if it was a free play, but I'll give Anquan a shot any day of the week."

(On at which point he saw Boldin)
"Some time rolling out left."

(On the touch he put on the pass to get it over Rams CB Janoris Jenkins and to Boldin in the back of the end zone)
"Like I said, it's (No.) 81 (Boldin) back there. He's going to make a lot of plays, so you've got to give him a shot."

(On if he ever impresses himself)
"Not very often."

(On if the touchdown pass was one time he impressed himself)
"I felt good about it, but there's still a lot more to do, more to be better at."

(On the team's resiliency and ability to come back from a deficit in three straight games)
"We just want to win, whatever it takes. If we're up early, if we have to come back from behind, at the end of the game we just want to have more points."

(On if his touchdown pass to Lloyd lightened the mood in the locker room)
"It was a momentum swing for us. It gave us the opportunity to have a go-ahead drive coming out at half."

49ers LB Dan Skuta

(On how the San Francisco defense performed)
"I've been saying for the past couple of weeks that our defense is getting used to playing with each other.  We have a lot of new guys and I think we're finally getting to the point where we know each other and it's been huge to have everybody on the same page."

(On how the defense has played dealing with injuries and other adversities)
"It's something we always talk about, having one of the best linebacker corps in the country.  So, no matter who is out there, we're going to keep playing great.  We've got a lot of good guys that can take care of business."

(On what changed that caused the Rams be a different team in the second half)
"We always see different looks during the game than we see on film.  They (Rams) had not previously done some of the things that they did early in the game tonight and we adjusted and we kept playing.  I think that's something we do really well with (Defensive Line) Coach (Jim) Tomsula and (Secondary) Coach (Ed) Donatell and all the coaches on the sidelines.  They talk to us about what's going, they fit it and we go on."

(On San Francisco's first half penalties that extended St. Louis drives)
"Penalties will kill you, but a little adversity is alright.  We came back and played good in the second half and that's something we weren't doing earlier in the year."

(More on the adjustments San Francisco's defense made to slow the Rams)
"I think most of our adjustments came in the run game.  But changing up a few things to confuse (Austin) Davis was good too.  For instance, getting an extra rusher in different places, (Defensive Coordinator) Coach Vic (Fangio) is always good about calling those at the right time.  But, I thought most of our good adjustments came in the run game."

49ers LB Ahmad Brooks

(On the 49ers pass rush)
"We rushed as a team today. All the other week of pass rushing we weren't rushing as a team. Collectively we were able to get there."

(On the game and gaining momentum)
"Every time we play this team they always give us their best game. We just had to hang in there. There's four quarters, 60 minutes, and going into halftime, there was a momentum swinger with (49ers WR) Brandon Lloyd catching that touchdown, however many yards it was. Coming from halftime and entering the third quarter, we were able to get a touchdown. I just think the momentum swung throughout the game and we were able to keep that momentum going until the end of the game."

(On Rams QB Austin Davis)
"He did a great job. That's an excellent job for a quarterback especially, to go out there ... for a (third) year guy, and play the way he did, it's amazing. He's only going to get better. "

(On getting ready for their next game on short rest)
"We just have to prepare, and go out there Sunday and work hard. (We have to) execute, play to the end of the whistle, play to the end of the game, and hopefully we get a victory. That's all we can ask for."

49ers WR Brandon Lloyd

(On why he was able to make the big touchdown grab)
"The pass was completed."

(On if he still gets excited for touchdown grabs)
"It's all part of the game. We are expected to make those plays. When it happened, we just hope that we can continue to capitalize on the moment in them."

(On the ball played to him for the touchdown)
"The ball landed right in my lap."

(On if he was surprised to be that wide open on the touchdown)
"I was not surprised. That's your answer."

(On what the team has to do to get ready for the Denver Broncos in a short week)
"The coaching staff has been doing a good job preparing us all season. We need to get back home, rest, get into the film, get into the playbook that is going to be installed and execute all week."