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49ers release Bubba Ventrone, sign Josh Johson....again

The 49ers signed Josh Johnson and released Bubba Ventrone. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers made a roster move on Tuesday. The team released safety Bubba Ventrone, and signed quarterback Josh Johnson. The 49ers signed Ventrone this past week, waiving Josh Johnson to clear space (with a random Kassim Osgood roster move mied in). Ventrone had previously been cut at the end of training camp. He came back for the team's Week 6 contest and played 23 special teams snaps.

I initially was going to jokingly say this likely meant Johnson was back, but I actually figured it would be more related to one of the several injuries the 49ers dealt with Monday night. Instead, it just means Johnson is back again. I believe this will be the third contract he has signed with the 49ers since the offseason. I wonder if he just leaves his stuff in a locker knowing it's a short term thing.

I have no idea why the 49ers keep making these moves, but oh well. Maybe Trent Baalke just gets bored on occasion. I believe I set the over/under on Josh Johnson/Kassim Osgood transactions the rest of the season at 3.5 (or was it 2.5). One down, take a drink!

Fooch's Update: PFT did a good job explaining one possible reason for the Johnson moves. By sticking with the roster later in the week, Johnson got his game check. Then 49ers release him, and re-sign him early this week and he can come back for another game check. They basically have a 54th man on the roster, but that won't necessarily last the rest of the year:

The move will entail much more risk after October 28, since any player cut at any time following the trade deadline will be subject to waivers.  Which means any other team can claim Johnson or whoever the 54th man dropped from the roster may be.