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Colin Kaepernick-Anquan Boldin touchdown featured healthy side of Joe Staley

The San Francisco 49ers scored an impressive touchdown early in the third quarter on a great throw by Colin Kaepernick to Anquan Boldin. Joe Staley was prominently involved the play as well, and he was not pleased with part of it.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Arguably the biggest highlight of the San Francisco 49ers 31-17 win over the St. Louis Rams was Brandon Lloyd's 80-yard catch and run touchdown to close out the first half. That play flipped momentum, and really was a thing of beauty from start to finish.

While that play was great, you could make the argument that Kap's next touchdown was the best throw of the night, and potentially one of the better throws of Kap's career. On the 49ers opening drive of the third quarter, they drove 80 yards to score, capped by am 11-yard touchdown pass to Boldin. Bay Area Sports Guy's game recap has the best GIF of that play:

As you can see, Kap rolls away to his left, then squares himself to the end zone as Anquan Boldin slips behind the defenders (BASG's recap has a GIF of that latter portion as well). Kap throws the ball with absolutely perfect touch. The two defenders in front of Boldin, combined with Kap running sideways likely meant he was not going to be able to fire a laser into Boldin. There has been plenty of chatter about wanting Kap to show more touch on his passes, and this was an example of what he can do in the right situation.

I am probably exaggerating in calling that the best pass of Kap's career, but I have to think it is up there. The pass to Frank Gore across the field was a great play, and showed off the freakish skills Kap has. This play does not show the same arm strength, but the touch it shows is really quite impressive.

And even amidst that, there was something even more entertaining about this play. The 49ers declared Joe Staley an eligible receiver on the play, and according to Staley, he was the first read on that play. The refs called defensive holding on the play, because Staley was held by Robert Quinn. The penalty was declined due to the touchdown, but Staley was still not pleased. Check out this Vine video of Staley's reaction (NSFW language):

After the game, Staley was still a little salty about it:

"Robert messed that up for me," Staley said. "It was wide open. It would have been a Monday night celebration. I had a great dance and everything ... It was going to be a touchdown and I was going to have a hell of a celebration."

We now have to wait and hope for a Joe Staley touchdown.