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49ers salary cap: An updated look following Week 6

Jason Hurley takes a look at the 49ers' current salary space for 2014.

Ezra Shaw

Earlier this week, the San Francisco 49ers made multiple transactions involving Josh Johnson and Bubba Ventrone. With that in mind, now seemed a good time to take a look at the team's salary cap situation for 2014.

A couple weeks ago, we took a look at the money saved to date from Aldon Smith's suspension, and various injury deactivations. That has grown each week, and will continue to do so until players get healthy or return from suspension. The 49ers pulled out a 31-17 win over the St. Louis Rams, but they also saved some additional money:

NaVorro Bowman (PUP): 49ers gained $46,875 from his roster bonus money. They have gained a total of $281,250 over the first 6 weeks.
Anthony Davis (Injury): 49ers gained $62,500 from his $1 million roster bonus.
Tramaine Brock (Injury): 49ers gained $20,000 from his $320,000 roster bonus.
Aldon Smith (Suspension): He loses $137,438 per week while suspended, totaling $1,246,946 by the end of the 9-game suspension.

Through the first six weeks, the 49ers have gained $743,750 in cap space, courtesy of unpaid roster bonuses due to injury deactivations. Bowman, Davis and Brock could all potentially miss Sunday's Week 7 contest with the Denver Broncos. Additionally, the team could find themselves without Patrick Willis. If Willis sits, the team would save approximately $46,875 from his roster bonus.

After all this is taken into account, the 49ers are roughly $4,649,759 under the 2014 salary cap. They will move further under the cap while Bowman, Brock and Davis are out. And if Willis ends up missing multiple games, they save some additional money.

We did get some good news on the 2015 NFL Salary cap front. CBS Sports NFL reporter Jason LaCanfora has said the 2015 salary cap could rise from $133 million to as much as $144 million. With the new information now known, and taken into effect in my salary cap spreadsheets, the 49ers would actually be $455,797 under the cap for 2015.

Speaking of my spreadsheets, you can now find them exclusively here at You can view the 2014 spreadsheet HERE, and navigate to the other spreadsheets from there.

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UPDATE: According to a source, Willis must be inactive for at least 2 games for the 49ers to gain any salary cap space from his roster bonus.