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Colin Kaepernick fine reduced due to no evidence of racial slur

Colin Kaepernick was fined for inappropriate language. The NFL has decided to reduce the fine because it was general profanity and not a slur.

Michael Thomas

Fooch's Update No. 2: This makes no sense

Fooch's Update: Last season, Tom Brady told a ref "That is f---ing brutal" and was not fined.

Fooch's Note: Site decorum is off

Bay Area media are reporting the NFL has reduced Colin Kaepernick's fine for inappropriate language. The fine will be reduced by half because there is no evidence Kap used a racial slur. According to Matt Barrows, the arbitrator found general profanity, but not use of a racial slur. The fine comes from Week 2, when a flag was thrown on Kap for "inappropriate language." Kap appealed, and this is the result. Kap previously won an appeal for a fine over his pants being up too high. He is currently appealing the $10,000 fine for wearing Beats by Dre.

And with that, I say WTF NFL? So, Kap was fined for having a potty mouth? Can the NFL possibly be serious? The official threw the flag for inappropriate language, and the general belief was Kap used the N word. And yet, now the fine is simply for general profanity. We have only seen a few flags thrown for inappropriate language, and I guarantee you there is a lot more than that. Just ask Joe Staley (NSFW language):