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Colin Kaepernick, NFLPA respond to arbitrator decision to uphold portion of inappropriate language fine

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The NFL reduced Colin Kaepernick's fine for inappropriate language, but it remains baffling. Colin Kaepernick and the NFLPA responded to this news.

Michael Thomas

Wednesday morning we learned that Colin Kaepernick's fine for inappropriate language was cut in half by an arbitrator. The NFL had fined him for $11,025, but it was reduced to $5,512. The appeals officer was Ted Cottrell, who was appointed by the NFL and NFLPA to handle such hearings. Cottrell had a rather confusing explanation for the fine:

We had some discussion in the other thread, with a mix of thoughts on what this might mean. One possibility could be the N-word was used, but the NFL realized legislating intent was going to be problematic. Another possibility is the NFL decided this was the time to crack down on one player yelling at another player after a play. Tom Brady can get away with yelling an f-bomb at an official, but I suppose Kap cannot.

Whatever the case, there remains a lot of confusion. NFLPA spokesperson George Atallah tweeted this out following the fine reduction:

Colin Kaepernick spoke with the media during the open locker room session, and had his own thoughts:

Kap later posted a photo on Instagram, with the caption, "The face you make when the NFL says you didn't use a racial slur and still fines you $5500? *shrugs* back to my grind!"

The whole thing is bizarre and confusing, and these comments all make it clear that I'm not the only one confused by the whole situation.