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Better Rivals podcast: Manning vs. Kap, beating the blitz, game-planning 49ers upset in Denver

The 49ers emerged from St. Louis with a hard-fought win, but lost several key contributors to injury. Can a hobbling 49ers squad execute the game plan needed to beat the Denver Broncos? Oscar and David explore the hill the 49ers need to climb to achieve their fourth-straight victory.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode of the Better Rivals Podcast, we discuss (well, really rant over) Andy Benoit’s recent Manning vs. Kaepernick article on the MMQB and explain why you can’t take the lazy way out when evaluating the two quarterbacks. We touch briefly on the 49ers victory over the Rams, before turning our attention to the league’s best team through six weeks: the Denver Broncos. What will a 49ers upset look like? And more importantly, can they pull it off? All that plus, who’s that guy from Rage Against The Machine?

Concepts Covered: Tropes, Hi-Lo/Levels, Isolate and Cross, Mesh

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