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Frank Gore denies Ian Rapoport report that he was told his roster spot was in jeopardy

Earlier this week, Ian Rapoport reported the 49ers approached Frank Gore this offseason and told him his roster spot was in jeopardy. Gore had a chance to talk about it on Thursday.

Michael Thomas

And just like that, we have another national story on which we can sort of tie a bow. According to Cam Inman, Frank Gore confirmed what Trent Baalke said earlier this week, that he was never approached this offseason and told his roster spot was in jeopardy.

On Monday, Ian Rapoport reported Gore was approached during the offseason, and basically told he would need to earn his roster spot after the drafting of Carlos HydeTrent Baalke said there was no truth to the report. I don't think anybody is shocked by the notion that Jim Harbaugh would want the utmost competition from his players. My guess remains that Rapoport heard something along these lines, and it ends up sounding a little more over the top than is actually the case.

The 49ers drafted Carlos Hyde to be one of their running backs of the future. With Kendall Hunter on IR, and Marcus Lattimore not getting back to practice for another couple weeks, Hyde will continue to get extensive opportunities. The 49ers run game struggled in their win over the St. Louis Rams, but part of that might have been due in part to how the Rams played the run. Gore was fine with it, as the quotes in Cam Inman's article indicate. This is not surprising, but in light of the articles a few weeks back about Gore being unhappy with his touches, it's nice to see further confirmation that he is clearly all about the wins, and nothing else.