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Quinton Patton is back with Dunk Cam

Dunk Cam is back, and we are all better for it. We've got the latest video.

Quinton Patton Dunk Cam

Over the last couple weeks, ping pong has been the prominent locker room activity for the San Francisco 49ers. There has been chatter and pictures about the contests going on over in the Levi's locker room. Lost amidst all this was Dunk Cam. Quinton Patton introduced Dunk Cam last season, posting video on his Instagram account. This season, we have not heard a whole lot about it.

Well, Dunk Cam is back. Patton and Dontae Johnson posted some video of a vicious dunk earlier on Thursday. I've posted both Instagram videos below, although I believe they are the same video.

Quinton Patton


And @_elling10 talking bout the game was over until............. @chriscook__22 @cullyinthehouse @cully2times @pcox20 @j_mccrayii

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Dontae Johnson


Locker Room TURNT!!! @pattonboy_11 @j_mccrayii @ack4rm_datown @keithreaser3 @chriscook__22 @nickmoody_ @e_reid35 @antoine_bethea41 @_elling10 @tonyjerodeddie_1 @thesteviejohnson @kassimosgood @pcox20 @neko_suave @el_guapo1 @kaepernick7 @kingcrab15

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