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Steve Young predicted Giants-Royals World Series before Chiefs-Patriots MNF last month

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Former 49ers quarterback Steve Young made a daring prediction in September. He called a Royals-Giants World Series. What do you know!


Last night, the San Francisco Giants secured their spot in the World Series for the third time in five years. Their even year magic continues along for reasons that baffle me, but I suppose congratulations are in order (I remain a bitter A's fan).

One man who was ahead of the curve on all this was San Francisco 49ers legend Steve Young. On September 29, during ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast (I'm not sure if it was pre- or post-game), Young picked the Royals and Giants to face off in the World Series. This was the day before the Royals faced the A's in their 1-game playoff, and two days before the Giants faced the Pirates in the NL version. That's not too shabby by Young.

I'll try and get the MLB playoff FanPost back up top next week when the playoffs start. If you are a 49ers/Giants fan, the timing works out well since the 49ers will be on their bye. Congrats to the Giants, their fans and our Giants site, McCovey Chronicles.