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49ers sign Bubba Ventrone, release Josh Johnson

The San Francisco 49ers made a roster move on Friday, releasing quarterback Josh Johnson and signing safety Bubba Ventrone. They continue what has basically been a 54-man roster move the last few weeks.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Like clockwork, the San Francisco 49ers have released quarterback Josh Johnson, and signed safety Bubba Ventrone. This is the third time now that Josh Johnson has been released. This is the second time the team has signed Ventrone this season. In case you're wondering why the 49ers are making these repeated roster moves, we broke it down earlier this week.

Ventrone will be active this weekend on special teams duty, and then I imagine the 49ers will make this same pair of roster moves next week. Next week likely marks the last time we see this set of moves. The NFL's trade deadline is October 28. Prior to that deadline, vested veterans (four years of service time) immediately become free agents when they are released. After the trade deadline, vested veterans must clear waivers. This means any of the other 31 teams can claim them. The 49ers might still try and risk getting players through waivers, but I have a hunch we see less of it.

For now, the 49ers continue to roll along with what is effectively a 54-man roster.