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Colin Kaepernick not fined for Beats by Dre with taped over logo

Colin Kaepernick avoided a second fine for wearing Beats by Dre thanks to a taped over logo. Either way, the Beats co-founder is happy with the whole situation.

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What do you know, Colin Kaepernick actually avoided a fine this week! According to Matt Barrows, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback wore his Beats by Dre headphones this past Monday, but had the little b logo taped over. Previously, Kap was fined $10,000 for wearing the headphones to his post-game interview session, with the logo showing. The league has a sponsorship deal with Bose, and players are not allowed to wear competing headphones in post-game interview sessions.

This whole thing has been bizarre, and at times a little amusing. Over the last few days, Kap has retweeted messages of support. Some are fairly basic, but some have been pretty funny, and very pointed toward NFL policy. I don't anticipate any fines for the retweets, but it entertains me nonetheless.

As all this is going on, Beats (or Apple now, I suppose) is laughing all the way to the bank. Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Beats by Dre, spoke with Business Insider about the league's ban. He was downright effusive in how happy he was about the ban:

"We didn't do anything, and now the players are going out and putting black tape on our logo ... It's like, I can't believe I'm this lucky ... I feel like sending them the tape."

Iovine talked about how Bose was out of touch with current culture, and the notion that this ban and the fines for wearing the Beats only makes it more popular with the younger demographic (I feel so old for referring to them as the younger demographic!). Bose will still get plenty of their own publicity and be fine, but Beats has struck gold with how this has played out thus far.