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The Percy Harvin trade still has me shaking my head

The Seattle Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the New York Jets on Friday. It still has me surprised.

Harry How

Friday afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks stunned much of the NFL world when word got out that they had traded wide receiver Percy Harvin to the New York Jets for a conditional draft pick. The Seahawks originally acquired Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings in a deal that included the Seahawks first round pick this past year. Now, they are turning around and dealing Harvin for what sounds like a sixth round pick that could turn into a fourth if certain conditions are met.

Clearly there was something wrong with Harvin and the Seahawks. Even though his production was not fantastic, he'd made enough big plays that this was not just a straight salary dump. The team does need cap room to get a deal done for Russell Wilson, but the timing of this is sufficiently odd. The Seahawks will take a $7.2 million dead money hit next year thanks to the extension they gave him.

The highlight of all this might have been people randomly speculating about locker room issues. Jason Cole said he had heard some rumblings the locker room was especially tense. He did not report anything and is only bringing it up after the trade, so take that for what you want. in the last 24 hours, there have been multiple saying something about a fight involving Percy Harvin and Golden Tate after the Super Bowl. It sounds like more stuff has gone down since then, but who really knows for sure.

All I know is an incredibly dangerous weapon in Percy Harvin will not be facing the 49ers this year. Even though Harvin struggles to stay healthy, when he is on the field he can be incredibly dangerous. The 49ers could beat Seattle with Harvin on the field, but I am content not having to face him.