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An Open Letter to Speculative Reporters

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Will Percy Harvin rumors derail the Niner haters?

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

To all the reporters speculating (with the help of anonymous but totally trustworthy / would never tell a lie sources) about the locker room issues that might exist for the 49ers, would you please stop now?

Surely what is happening in Seattle must look like a shinier apple to eat. It's ripe on the tree, ready to be plucked. After all the recent (and not so recent) speculating about the 49ers, we are just an apple core, bereft of flavor. Leave us alone. Seattle seems so much more enticing.

I'll be honest, as much as I dislike Seattle and as much as I want them to eat crow for the outrageous trade, I think you guys will probably treat them unfairly too. And, might I take a turn at speculating? Perhaps you might even treat the Seahawks unethically. If certain media members cite anonymous sources that can present no actual evidence, then reproducing those reports week after week borders on unethical journalism. It surely ruins one's credibility. At least Trent Dilfer had the decency to back track.

I don't like complaining about reporters or about referees, etc. It's usually a fruitless enterprise. But, I think 49er fans are sick and tired of it. Especially after you go after a guy like Frank Gore. The front office may have approached Gore before the season. I won't deny the possibility. But, until you can produce a single, viable source with evidence, we likely won't believe it. Your credibility is at an all-time low.

At least with the Seahawks there appears to be hard evidence in the form of a black eye, as callous and as unfortunate as it is to call the result of violence "evidence." But, your speculation makes more sense with a bruise acting like a smoking gun compared to the evidence you have found in Santa Clara. So please, find some other supposedly beleaguered locker room to pick on. We're tired of your unsubstantiated "reporting."

And, a note to Seahawks fans: if the media does latch onto this story and onto your locker room, try to be patient. It sucks. Hopefully you can handle it without being driven crazy.