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Aldon Smith could return a game or two early, per Mike Florio

Mike Florio is reporting Aldon Smith could return a game or two sooner than previously expected. We break down the implications.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Aldon Smith could potentially come back a game or two early from his 9-game suspension, according to a report by Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio. He did not provide any specifics, but that is something to keep on our radar. While we generally don't like Florio's brand of journalism, this could obviously be kind of a huge deal. Fooch's updateMatt Barrows tweeted that Trent Baalke said he had not heard this could happen.

Smith was suspended for 9 games for a combination of personal conduct and substance abuse policy violations. A 9-game suspension would keep Smith out through the team's Week 10 matchup with the New Orleans Saints. If he came back a game early, he would be there for the Saints game, and if he was back two games early, he would return as soon as after next week's bye.

Smith has been working out with the team, and attending meetings. Although he has not taken part in the weekly practices, he would seemingly be ready to dive right in as soon as his suspension ends. A couple weeks back, Trent Baalke said Smith told him he was in the best shape of anybody in the building. I suppose he could work his way back in with a more limited snap count his first game back, but given that he has been involved in meetings, I don't think it would be all that limited.

And it's safe to say he would be welcomed back to a pass rush that has been a bit inconsistent. Can you imagine putting him on the edge opposite Aaron Lynch in the nickel? That's some crazy athleticism coming off the line in pass rush situations.