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Peyton Manning graphically wonders why the 49ers took a late timeout

Dustin Bradford

The San Francisco 49ers were dominated by the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football, and the game was in hand before the 4th quarter even arrived. The 49ers had some chances early in the third quarter, but once the offense went south, this game was over pretty quickly.

As it became apparent the 49ers were going to lose, the 49ers seemingly stuck with the Jim Harbaugh mantra of compete, compete, compete. He left Colin Kaepernick in for much of the fourth quarter, finally replacing him with Blaine Gabbert at the 2:49 mark. Additionally, Harbaugh randomly used a timeout with 3:12 left in the game.

It is entirely possible Coach Harbaugh had a legit reason for the timeout, but Peyton Manning certainly did not know what was up. As this vine shows with some NSFW language, he was baffled by the were most of us. At least this Vine made me laugh a little bit.