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Better Rivals Podcast: The 49ers D reigns supreme against the Eagles, but can it stop the surging Chiefs?

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David and Oscar explain how the 49ers defense grounded Chip Kelly’s explosive offense. Plus they get you ready for an up-and-down Kansas City team by detailing their strengths and weaknesses before closing out with a Week 5 prediction.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s episode of the Better Rivals Podcast, we take a look at how a 49ers defense, led by Antoine Bethea, was able to shut down a potent Eagles offense. We also tackle important questions like: Is San Francisco’s newfound pass-rushing prowess for real? Is the offensive line still good? And are the 49ers going through an identity crisis on offense? Our attention then turns to the upcoming matchup with a hot-and-cold Chiefs team. How should the 49ers attack a banged up Chiefs defense? Will they have an answer for Travis Kelce? All that, plus some Outkast-soundtracked thoughts on Harbaugh’s decision making.

Concepts Covered: Disguising Cover-3, Defensive line stunts, Run fits