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49ers vs. Eagles breakdowns: GIFs of Aaron Lynch's big day, Stevie Johnson's touchdown and more

Aaron Lynch is coming along pretty nicely. Nick Foles isn't too happy about it.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for more GIFs! Each week I've been doing something of a "GIF dump" post in which I group together a bunch of GIFs I make from the last San Francisco 49ers games that didn't get their own posts. On Wednesday, I had a post on the sacks allowed by the offensive line, but today, there's going to be a little less direction.

I plan on one more of these, probably on Friday, as someone requested a few gifs of pressure on plays that didn't result in sacks so if there's something you guys want, let me know and I'll include it in that. For now, I've got a few gifs focusing primarily on pressure applied by the 49ers, more specifically Aaron Lynch.

I'm pretty pleased with how Lynch is coming along, and to start we've got four -- count 'em -- four GIFs of Lynch making a difference on the field. Let's get to it.

Aaron Lynch Pressure 01

If you happened to read yesterday's post, you saw Joe Staley and Alex Boone get beat outright on moves that looked very similar to the one above. That's just pure domination at this point, and Lynch sure does look good doing it. The right tackle honestly never had a chance to do anything. That's just as well, given that everyone else was blocked really well, including Ahmad Brooks.

But you should pay attention to the end of the play, where this happened:

Aaron Lynch Pressure 01-02

Not only did Lynch finish that play with a big hit that shook Foles up, he did it without doing anything unnecessarily unpleasant, like falling to the ground himself. My guess is he just didn't want to dirty up his uniform. Whatever the case, I just couldn't resist making the gif above.

But that wasn't the only pressure of the day for Lynch, as you can see below:

Aaron Lynch Pressure 02

That play, for the record, fell incomplete and the 49ers took over on downs. As you can tell, Lynch once again played until the end and made sure he got a hit on Lynch within the window allowed. He made a good adjustment to get out there and put some pressure on Foles, who seemed to have his tight end open in the flat there -- there was a 49ers defender shortly behind but there's a decent chance that could have been a touchdown.

Then we've got this one:

Aaron Lynch Pressure 03

What I like most about this one is that Lynch is fighting big time on that side, and eventually gets past the offensive tackle after being chipped. He does a nice fake like he's going inside and he forces Foles to throw that ball. Then again, Justin Smith may have been the one to actually force it as he dragged the left tackle right into Foles' business. Just a good play from both guys, I think.

Speaking of Smith, you may recognize this play:

Justin Smith Pressure 01

If you don't recognize it, that play is eventually picked off by safety Antoine Bethea. Smith was getting close to Foles all game and he managed to hit him a couple times. This one was the biggest one. Foles was a bit shaken up after the play, and who can blame him? I wouldn't want to be tackled by Cowboy.

That's actually a lie. Given the opportunity, I'd let him tackle me and I'd take the bruises and potential broken bones to go along with it just so I can say it happened. But let's move on to something on the offensive side of the ball, something that I think deserved a perfect angle and a somewhat higher-quality gif ... the touchdown to Stevie Johnson:

Stevie Johnson TD 01

There's no doubt, he was in, both feet were down. He worked both defenders pretty well and that was just an incredible catch. I also think that was a good throw, because that's where the ball had to be for it to not suddenly go the other way. Colin Kaepernick made some bad throws on Sunday, but that was certainly not one of them. Johnson keeps making plays and as I predicted in the preseason: he's coming into his own as one of Kaepernick's best weapons.


Aaron Lynch Tackle 01

This is just a nice play, isn't it? He looks to rush, maybe, and then sees Darren Sproles go outside which must make every defensive coordinator in the NFL clench a little bit. Lynch stays with him and makes the form tackle. Not much to complain about here.

Go Niners.