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Fantasy football: FanDuelin' Week 5

Along with the weekly San Francisco 49er focused fantasy preview, the Fan Duelin’ series documents one man’s battle to turn a fantasy football addiction into cold hard cash through daily fantasy contests.

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Week 4 Recap

$5 50/50 Entry
Finished 69 of 100 (Top 50 win $9)
Winnings $0

Final Roster

Colin Kaepernick $8100 - 21.52 pts
Le'Veon Bell $8800 - 13.9 pts
Donald Brown $6300 - 7.4 pts
Michael Crabtree $7000 - 6.8 pts
Jeremy Maclin $8000 - 7.7 pts
Golden Tate $5500 - 15.6 pts
Martellus Bennett $6000 - 17.9 pts
Shaun Suisham $4900 - 6 pts
Indianapolis Colts Defense $5400 - 10 pts


57% of FanDuel players cried out in unison "Damnit Donald". As predicted, Brown was a popular pick, but little did we know that his legs were replaced with lead and dark matter prior to the game. Michael Crabtree almost had touchdown number 3, but failed to reach double digits for the second time this year. This week, instead of the 50/50 leagues where you have to finish in the top half to win, I will try one more Head to Head game.

Starting Bank: $60

Week 1: Lost $1
Week 2: Won $4/Lost $5
Week 3: Lost $5
Week 4: Lost $5
Current Bank: $48

Here is my set up for week 5:

$5 Head to Head $60,000 Player Acquisition Budget

Winner Receives $9


Russell Wilson (Seahawks) $8,300

He gets the same defense Eli Manning had a rushing touchdown against last week. Washington's defense is hurting right now, but they can stop the run. I think Big Russ picks apart the Washington secondary en route to a solid day.

Running Backs

Le'Veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers) $8,600

No TD from Bell last week, but his match-up is delectable. I'll roll with Bell against the weak Jacksonville run defense. If Pittsburgh can grab and hold the lead then expect Bell to get plenty of work in the second half.

Rashad Jennings (Giants) $7,200

He probably has the best scenario of any running back this week. Atlanta's run defense is on a milk carton and Jennings keeps his fantasy floor high with a significant role in the passing game. Should be plenty of points scored in this game and he he'll be working from the comforts of his home stadium.

Wide Receivers

Demaryius Thomas (Broncos) $8,600

He hasn't been as good as advertised this year, but he'll be coming off a bye week against the forgiving secondary of the Arizona Cardinals. He's my most expensive player this week, so if he fails to capitalize on the soft match-up I'll be in deep deep trouble.

DeAndre Hopkins

There is only one wide receiver scoring touchdowns in Houston and it's not Andre Johnson. Hopkins is having an Alshon Jeffery 2013 break out season. All I need is for Ryan Fitzpatrick to not completely stink it up on Sunday against a surprising yet beatable Dallas defense.

Marques Colston (Saints) $5,500

Normally, Brees spreads the ball around too much for my liking, but I'll take The Colston Creamery this week in a plus match-up. He is still legitimate intermediate and red zone threat and I think he can grab a TD against Tampa Bay. No guarantee, but I'll take my chances at his clearance price.

Tight End

Travis Kelce (Chiefs) $5,300

With my remaining budget I tried to find a low end tight end with upside. Kelce blew up on Monday night, but Patrick Willis and company will be a stiffer test. My hope is that Alex Smith continues to check down to him as the 49ers look to bottle up Jamaal Charles. Kelce is good for at least 4/40 this week.


Shaun Suisham (Steelers) $4,800

The Steelers offense is humming right now mostly due to their defensive woes. Suisham did right by me last week and is $100 bucks cheaper in week 5.


Green Bay Packers

As of writing this, the latest reports have Teddy Bridgewater sitting out Thursday night. That would mean Christian Ponder gets the start at Lambeau on a short week. I normally keep the Packers defense in the back of the pantry with the cream of corn, beets, oyster sauce and other things I never intend to use, but you have to like the price and their chances this week.

Who is on your favorite daily lineup this week? You got any Niners on there?

Also, if you want to find me on FanDuel my screen name is "DerekRVA". My photo is of wrestling legend Koko B Ware. Feel free to challenge me to a head-to-head game!