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Police turn over Ray McDonald case to Santa Clara DA

The San Jose police have turned Ray McDonald's case over to the Santa Clara DA. We take a look at the next step in this process.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Santa Clara District Attorney's office announced Thursday afternoon that the San Jose Police Department completed their investigation into San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald's arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence. The police have turned the case over to the DA's office, who will now determine whether or not to press charges, or seek further investigation.

The DA did not state any specific timeline on their end, so we are once again left to wait and see how this plays out. Given the high profile nature, if they elect not to press charges, they will release a statement saying as much.

McDonald was arrested early in the morning on August 31 during his birthday party at his house. Police arrived to find his fiancée had visible bruises. There is no word on who called the police, and all we know is McDonald was taken into custody at that point. Subsequent reports indicate he later took part in a 2-hour interview with police.

During the course of the police investigation, there were reports the police were looking into a pair of incidents in May in which police went to McDonald's home, but did not file any reports. Two weeks ago, police released a report on one of the incidents which painted the alleged August 31 victim in a fairly negative light. The police have yet to release a report regarding the August 31 incident, other than the initial report indicating some bruise, but no other details.

However this case ends up for McDonald, I would hope the police release something regarding that August 31 incident. To release the May 24 report that paints the alleged victim in a negative light, but then not release anything more about the August 31 incident is just a little bit shady, at best. If McDonald is not charged, this kind of conduct leaves the door open for doubt as to their motives in releasing one report and not the other. I would hope they will release the information, but we'll have to wait and see.

Starting tomorrow, I figure I'll give the San Jose PD public information office a call to see when they will be releasing the August 31 report. If you are so inclined, you can reach the SJPD public information office at 408-277-5339. Other phone numbers are listed HERE.