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49ers sign Josh Johnson, release Bubba Ventrone

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The 49ers made their weekly Josh Johnson-Raymond Ventrone swap. Welcome to Tuesday.

Bob Levey

The San Francisco 49ers are back with your weekly reminder that today is Tuesday. The team announced they have signrd quarterback Josh Johnson and released safety Bubba Ventrone.

The 49ers have made this move each of the last few weeks, and I'm not entirely sure why I did not have this article prepped. The 49ers are in the midst of their bye week, so I am guessing we will not see a corresponding return of Ventrone this Friday.

Where this now gets interesting is with next week's trade deadline. Next Tuesday is said deadline, and after that, vested veterans must clear waivers upon release. Would the 49ers look to waive Johnson a week from Friday to bring back Ventrone for Week 9? The 49ers will place Daniel Kilgore on IR between now and then, so that seemingly opens the door for Ventrone and Johnson to both stay on the 49ers roster. Of course, with rumors abounding that Aldon Smith could return sooner rather than later, Kilgore's spot could go to him.

Whatever the case, this is your pre-trade deadline reminder that it is Tuesday.