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4th And 9 Podcast: Mid-season assessment, Broncos recap

Tre welcomes Kyle Madson to the show to discuss the devastating loss the 49ers suffered at the hands of the Broncos, as well as assess the team thus-far, as we sit here in the bye-week.

It hurts, I know. Hell, I'd just assume forget all about it, so trust me, we won't dig too deep into the Broncos loss. We will however delve into the 49ers and where they stand both as a team and individual performances thus-far as the mid-point (more or less) of the season is upon us.

It's bye-week time, so why not kill some time listening to myself and Kyle Madson talk about your favorite NFL franchise? Listen via the player above, find us on iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever app you choose. Search "4thand9" (no spaces) or click one of the links to the specific players mentioned in the previous sentence. Or use this link to our RSS feed and manually add us, if you like.