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Better Rivals Podcast: Mythbusting the 49ers “20 carries to win” rule

This week David and Oscar bust a popular myth amongst 49ers fans, telling you why simply running the ball won’t fix the team’s issues. They also make sense of the embarrassment in Denver and identify the key takeaways from the loss.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Kilgore’s season-ending injury and an extended look at the 49ers receivers leads off this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast. With the bye week on the horizon, our attention focuses on San Francisco’s nationally-televised loss in Denver. Should the 49ers have leaned more heavily on Frank Gore and the running game, as many in Ninerland are insisting? And did Jim Harbaugh and the coaching staff do enough to create extra scoring chances against a clearly superior Broncos team? All that plus, how much better off would we be if the R. Kelly Online Video Dictionary were a real thing?

Concepts Covered: Receiver route stem, X/Z/Slot Receiver, "establishing the run", "David" strategies

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