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'Day in the life' piece about Jim Harbaugh met with cynicism by Florio, others

The 49ers published an article about Jim Harbaugh, looking at what they described as "a day in the life". The article has been met by scorn from some national media.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday morning, the folks at published an article/photo essay entitled, "A Day in the Life: Jim Harbaugh". The article involved a member of 49ers Studios department (Scott Kegley) spending some time with the team's head coach as he went through some of the random aspects of his day away from the facility. We see Jim Harbaugh taking out the garbage, going to his favorite little story, and doing some things at home with his kids. It wraps with him in the office for a meeting with offensive coaches, at which point Kegley has to leave.

We know a lot of random tidbits about Jim Harbaugh, whether it be his love of Judge Judy and Rockford Files, or all the random historical quotations he knows. We've also learned more and more about his trips to Peru with his church group. However, this article is more of a look at day-to-day Harbaugh. It's random things in Jim Harbaugh's life, and I would argue that is what makes them fun. I recommend giving it a read.

Jim Harbaugh gets plenty of grief in the media because he can be a bit of an odd duck. We see numerous reports about him, focusing on his contract and how he interacts with people in the locker room. It should in turn surprise nobody that there have been snickerings from some in the national media about this article. For them it is a puff piece by the 49ers PR department. I certainly am not surprised people would make that assumption given all we've heard about Jim Harbaugh over the last couple months.

Mike Florio is among those with a cynical view about this, which really is par for the course when it comes to his writing. It is not a surprise, but in his recent post about the piece, he talked about the article feeling like a crafted campaign brochure as opposed to how Jim Harbaugh actually spends his time. He suggested this was something in which Coach Harbaugh wanted this to reflect how he wanted people to think of him, as opposed to how he really is.

There are plenty of problems with Florio's article, but the most glaring is that it ignores the evidence that shows Jim Harbaugh does not actually seem to care what people think about him. He is a win at all costs coach who does not seem all that concerned about it. There are times Jim Harbaugh has addressed the rumors and chatter, primarily the stuff involving the Cleveland Browns. I view that more as him recognizing the noise, and needing to respond.

However, allowing the 49ers PR department to take some pictures and write up a piece about his life outside the facility seems more like throwing them a bone. Florio talked about how the team is looking to win hearts and minds, and Harbaugh somehow recognizes this. Given that none of us is in Harbaugh's house when the cameras are not around, it is plenty easy for either side to say whatever. Florio can speculate all he wants, and it is impossible to say, "You are factually wrong."

Florio acknowledges he can't say it for certain, but he can continue spinning this the way he sees fit. The mouth-breathers that take Florio at his word on everything he says will not bother to question it, and he just will continue along his merry way. He's a cynical man who has a significant soap box. I'd choose to ignore it, but sometimes I just like getting in a huff.