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Russell Wilson-Percy Harvin reports bring Seahawks fans into the same party as 49ers fans

The Seattle Seahawks have had their share of controversy over the last week, with reports of a locker room division around quarterback Russell Wilson. 49ers fans welcome Seahawks fans to this fun little hell.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Late last week, the Seattle Seahawks stunned football fans when they traded wide receiver Percy Harvin to the New York Jets for a 6th round draft pick that could potentially become a 4th. People were not sure what was going on, but in the week since the deal, plenty has arisen. Jason Cole said he had previously heard the locker room was tense (as far back as March, but conveniently didn't say anything publicly). On Wednesday, Mike Freeman wrote an article about the division in the Seahawks locker room, with some players supporting Russell Wilson, and others concerned he was too cozy with management. That led to Freeman saying Seahawks players had told him they did not think Wilson was "black enough."

On Thursday, Wilson addressed the media about the recent speculation.

"I'm not sure why the media tries to blow everything out of proportion, it's part of it, I guess," Wilson said. "You have to deal with it. But you also ignore it, too. Like I always tell you guys, ignore the noise.

"I don't read any of y'alls articles, no offense. I just stay away from it all."

Wilson said there was no division in the Seahawks locker room, but since then Kenny Mayne reported on Sportscenter that one source inside the locker room, and one source outside the locker room confirmed Freeman's report. Needless to say, that has been the story of the week, and will likely remain in the news in some form or fashion off and on through the rest of the season.

And with that, I say, Welcome Seahawks fans! You get to join the special little hell that previously was occupied by 49ers fans. Over the first six weeks of the season, we heard numerous reports about how Jim Harbaugh was losing the 49ers locker room, and he was clearly headed out the door after this season.

The 49ers stories have been showing up off and on since Week 1. Ian Rapoport got it started Week 1, but then it disappeared for a couple weeks. We then had another Rapoport report, combined with Adam Schefter and Deion Sanders throwing in some content. And let's not forget Jason Cole's video reports for Bleacher Report.

The Seahawks reports have all come since the Percy Harvin trade. While it has come amidst a rare Seahawks losing streak, there was a bit more to build on given the Harvin trade. While I do believe the 49ers reports were based in part on some semblance of truth (albeit a limited one), there has not been any specifically actionable incident that would shine a light on the problems. And we've heard nothing but denials since, although national media will quickly point to that as an expected response.

On the other hand, the Percy Harvin trade brought any Seahawks issues to the front and center. It likely makes this a little more difficult to dismiss. That being said, I do think we'll see some similarity in how it has played out with the 49ers reports. If the Seahawks bounce back to secure some wins, particularly going on the road to Carolina, this will probably slide to the background. When the Seahawks lose it will pop back up and occupy a news cycle. It's actually fairly predictable based on how it has played out with the 49ers.

And so I say to Seahawks fans, it just becomes nonsense you'll have to work through this season. You'll hear from some 49ers fans about this, just like we heard from some Seahawks fans about the 49ers nonsense. It's just a matter of moving past the noise. When it gets noisiest though, the best suggestion is to change the channel, or grab a drink.