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eBay has 2 more pairs of Niners Nation socks available!

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This is one of the more random things I have stumbled across recently. Someone tweeted the above picture at me, asking if they were official socks of the website. Unfortunately I was not the one to come up with this glorious idea, but I figured I would pass it along.

You can purchase these socks at eBay, although it would appear there are only two pairs of these glorious socks left. Maybe I should come up with Niners Nation socks!

Speaking of apparel, we have a deal with Game Day Depot to come up with apparel. I have been meaning to do something with this, but always forget to get it going. Right now, all you can pick up is this NN shirt. Other sites have come up with clever designs and themes. Our Raiders site came up with a Mack Attack shirt. Our Steelers blog has a handful of designs.

Any thoughts for this? I asked about this a year or two ago, but wanted to ask again since things change in terms of what might be popular. What about a t-shirt with something like "99 Problems" on it? I'm open to any and all ideas. What do you think?