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The bye week is almost to a close!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saturday evening to everyone. Hopefully people are able to relax a bit, particularly with the 49ers on bye. Sunday marks the end of the bye week, with the 49ers returning to practice on Monday. There will be plenty to see and hear at that point. In the meantime, this weekend marks a chance to relax a little, maybe get some errands and chores done.

And of course, there is World Series action. We've got the World Series thread on the front page, so if you want to talk Giants-Royals, head over there. For the rest of you with other things to keep you occupied (or nothing to keep you occupied!), feel free to chat away in here. Can be 49ers, not 49ers, but obviously avoid things like politics and religion.

We'll be back in the morning with the Nuggets, and then several open threads. Don't forget that FOX will have the first game of the day at 6:30 a.m. PT! The Lions and Falcons are squaring off in London bright and early in the morning. FOX will provide national coverage of the game, and we'll have an open thread for you.