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Ronnie Lott thinks he could adjust to today's NFL, be better than the Seahawks' safeties

He's so modest!

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Former San Francisco 49ers safety Ronnie Lott is ... one of the greatest players to ever play in the NFL. He was just incredible at every aspect of the game, was a vocal leader and was so ridiculously dedicated to to his team. I could talk and talk about how great Lott was (and is) all day if you let me (though there are others here who are better-suited to talk about the classic 49ers as I'm relatively young), but this article does actually have a point.

Recently, Lott conducted an interview with Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report,  and there's plenty of good stuff in it. Lott was asked if he could play for Jim Harbaugh in today's NFL and he said "of course." About Harbaugh specifically, he said that the 49ers coach "brings passion and devotion to the game every week." Apparently he hasn't read any of those hot reports about Harbaugh being hated in the locker room!

Perhaps the most interesting comment (as interesting as a comment about playing these days from a player who has been retired for over a decade can be)  comes when asked if he could play in today's NFL with the rules and the way players have to tackle these days. This is his response:

I would have adjusted to the game today," he said. "It's pretty simple. I would have learned not to hit guys in the head. I would have learned to use my shoulders. I would have been better than the safeties in Seattle because I would have changed my playing style but had more tenacity.

Lott went on to say that the 49ers players and coaches were good at adapting, and that they were "usually ahead of other teams. So I would have figured it out."

Obviously, a player who was as good at Lott, even as a big-hitter, could adjust to today's NFL. He was so good that I have little doubt he could fit into any defensive system that's ever existed. Or maybe I'm just a huge homer. Whatever the case, the bit about Seattle is particularly interesting/entertaining.

Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are both banged up this year, and as a result the Seattle Seahawks have a particularly poor pass defense in comparison to last year. I think folks give Richard Sherman way too much credit. Thomas and Chancellor are the gold standard in NFL safeties (think about their pairing in the same vein as Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman both being on the same team).

Lott is obviously not particularly modest -- not that he should be. The guy is one of the best to play the game (I'll say that a lot) and if he wants to brag a little -- and say that he would be better than both Thomas and Chancellor if he were playing today -- then let him. Jerry Rice is humble enough for the both of them.