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Week 8 NFL schedule: AM games features Seahawks-Panthers

Angie Walton-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have the week off, which means relatively stress free football for the day. Sure, some (most?) have fantasy football concerns, but for the purposes of our basic fandom, it's a week off. The 49ers return next week hopefully healthier and ready to kick off the second half of the schedule with a strong start.

We had a thread to kick things off with the early Lions-Falcons game, and now we're back for the "early" games. We've got a pretty solid slate of games both early and late. The most notable game of the early schedule has to be Seahawks-Panthers. The Seahawks are looking to snap a 2-game losing streak, but heading on the road to face a potentially tough Panthers squad is not the easiest way to snap their losing streak.

The only other really notable NFC games are inter-conference action with the Rams headed to face the Chiefs, and the Bears in New England. Here is your full early game schedule. We'll have a PM game thread closer to 1 p.m. PT.

Rams @ Chiefs - FOX
Texans @ Titans - FOX
Vikings @ Bucs - FOX
Seahawks @ Panthers - CBS
Ravens @ Bengals - CBS
Dolphins @ Jaguars - CBS
Bears @ Patriots - FOX
Bills @ Jets - CBS