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Colt McCoy leads Washington to upset of Cowboys

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Washington got a huge win on on Monday Night Football, closing out Week 8 with a 20-17 overtime win over the Dallas Cowboys. It was not pretty at times, but it actually turned into a rather entertaining game. Colt McCoy will be billed by many as the hero of the day for Washington, completing 25 of 30 passes for 299 yards. He had one interception, but did scramble for a touchdown.

Naturally this has 49ers fans talking about the decision to acquire Blaine Gabbert and not retain McCoy. We don't know what the relationship was like between McCoy and the 49ers, but the team parted ways with him after a season that saw him attempt one pass, and generally spend his time on the sideline. People will complain about having Gabbert following a big game from McCoy, but I'd say if the 49ers had to play McCoy OR Gabbert for serious playing time, they would be in trouble either way.

The real star of the game was Washington defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. He seemed to make all the right calls all day long. When Tony Romo came back after the shot to his back (or ribs), Haslett was quick to dial up blitzes and force a shorter passing game. He had the right calls all night and deserves a ton of credit for this win. Speaking of which, the NFL has had the concussion issue, but the use of pain killers is a problem that the league will probably not be addressing anytime soon. Toradol is one such drug that a lot of players use, and one that has been known to cause kidney problems. The NFL continues to use it even with questionable side effects.

Additionally, Tony Romo seemingly talked his way back onto the field along with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. It's his body to do with as he pleases, but this struck me as an example of needing to protect players from themselves. This is not the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last.

For 49ers fans, this game knocks Dallas down to 6-2. They are a half game up in the NFC East as Philadelphia also lost. The 49ers sit at 4-3, so anytime we can see losses above them, that's fine and dandy. There is a lot of football left to be played, but every loss is big in what could be a very tight NFC playoff chase.