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NFL trade deadline: Tracking 49ers trade rumors and actual news

The NFL trade deadline is upon us, which means the last few trade rumors of the season. We keep an eye out for what might involve the 49ers, or at least impact them.

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Fooch's Update: We had two trades on Tuesday, both involving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs traded safety Mark Barron to the St. Louis Rams, and linebacker Jonathan Casillas to the New England Patriots.

The NFL trade deadline arrives at 1 p.m. PT on Tuesday, and it is safe to say, there will not be a ton of action. I would not be surprised by one or two deals, but anybody expecting big action is following the wrong sport. Baseball and basketball in particular have extremely active trade deadlines. For those wondering why the NFL is less so, it comes down to a combination of the only "hard" salary cap in sports, and the extensive nature of learning a new NFL playbook on the fly.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh said he did not expect anything to happen at the trade deadline. While this would not be surprising, I also am not going to take Coach Harbaugh's thoughts on this as gospel. First, Trent Baalke and the front office are handling the dealings, and second, I'm pretty sure Jim Harbaugh would not be telling us the team's plans in advance. Just a hunch.

The 49ers have not been attached to too many rumors, but they have been in the mix. Adam Schefter reported on Sunday morning that the team was looking to move some back-end members of the roster to make room for returning players. With Aldon Smith, Glenn Dorsey, NaVorro Bowman and Marcus Lattimore all potentially occupying roster spots in the coming weeks, it makes sense to get what they can for guys they will otherwise cut.

After that report, Matt Maiocco reported a source said Corey Lemonier was the most likely trade candidate on the 49ers roster. While he lost his job to Aaron Lynch, he is young enough that it would not be shocking for a team to consider giving up a 7th round pick for him.

The most notable players considered to be on the market are Vincent Jackson and maybe Doug Martin, but there are plenty of other names being thrown around. I would be fairly surprised if Jackson was dealt anywhere, let along Seattle, where he makes sense from a pure football standpoint. Salary cap implications likely preclude that kind of deal from happening.

We'll keep an eye out for any potential rumors, and any actual news of trades. In the meantime, this will be your open thread for trade deadline discussion.