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Jim Harbaugh talks injured players returning, bye week work, Halloween costume plans

Thearon W. Henderson

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh conducted his weekly appearance on the Murph & Mac Show on KNBR, and the most important thing to come out of it had to be his Halloween plans! They discussed it at the end of the program, but apparently the Harbaugh family went as Wizard of Oz characters last year, and is going as pirates this year.

Coach Harbaugh also provided some injury updates, although most of it dealt with the idea that the team will know more about many of these players on Wednesday. He also had a couple brief comments about Rams punter Johnny Hekker, who apparently roomed with Jim Harbaugh's son at Oregon State. You can listen to the interview HERE, or read the transcript below.

On bye week accomplishments:

JH: I think our players had time to spend with their families, enjoy their families. Come back physically stronger, mentally stronger. Excited to get back out there and play football again. That would be number one. Coaching staff did a look at the first seven games, and find out places that we can learn from, be better for, and also scouting future opponents. That was the work we got done.

On Patrick Willis getting back this week:

JH: We're hopeful there. Feeling better, and participated in practice yesterday, although limited. Take it day-to-day with treament, and see where we're at Wednesday with Patrick.

On how Jimmie Ward is looking after a week off:

JH: Good. He's working on feeling great. So, same as Patrick, we'll see where that is on Wednesday.

On Mike Iupati's concussion:

JH: He's good. He was cleared to play and practice fully on Monday.

On Chris Culliver injury:

JH: Practiced full yesterday. Was good practice, in good spirits.

On Glenn Dorsey's return:

JH: Soon. I mean yea, we'll see how that goes. He looks like he is in great shape, which is good. So he'll get back into football shape, and we'll see how long that is. It's good to have him back out there. Great to have his window open. That window opening up means he can practice. He was injured on August 4, so it has been a good amount of time. Like I said, he's in great shape, and I'm glad he's back out here in the capacity he is in. Excited for that.

On Marcus Lattimore returning to practice Wednesday:

JH: That's correct. Good landmark, great landmark for him and his return to football. He's very excited about it, I'm very excited about it, to watch him playing football again. Like to simulate a training camp experience as much as we can for him, in terms of getting weeks of practice here, if that's 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks. That kind of time on task will be good for Marcus. Then fingers crossed he'll be out there playing football. It'd be a great story.

On 49ers and NFC West after seven games:

JH: We're not where we want to be. We'd like to be 7-0 right now. But we understand that everything's in front of us. The division as you talked about, it's all going to be played, we're all going to play each other from now until Week 17. Every week will be critical. Every week will be important. And our team is excited for football, and the focus will be on the football. We had a chance to spend some time with our families. Those who have kids, we were really able to enjoy our kids, and play with them. And realize that they're well taken care of, and they're going to be great. Now we have to take care of our football team, and we have a wonderful opportunity to do that, starting next week.

On Rams preparations:

JH: Well, very good football team. Their front seven remains intact, and very good. Secondary, we'll see. They've got some injuries there as well, but looks like they'll be getting some players back as this week transpires. Offensively, Austin Davis is a heck of a good player, and we got to see him two weeks ago. He's playing really well. Exciting player. They've got some issues with injuries in the offensive line, but they are a resourceful football team. If you look at what they do on special teams, you're watching the tape, you're watching John Fassel, the things he's done for years now, and try to prepare in every way for that. Their punter, Johnny Hekker, he's an interesting guy. He was a quarterback at Oregon State, in fact he roomed with my son Jay Harbaugh at Oregon State, so we're well aware of his ability. The preparation is going on right now, and we gotta have these.

On instructions for Colin Kaepernick during the week off:

JH: Didn't give him any marching orders...Enjoy your family, enjoy that. With the understanding that he's going to stay in shape, do all the right things, as he always does.

Did he get to World Series:

JH: Sarah, myself, we did go to the Saturday game...It was 11-4...great night to be there.

On Giants competitive spirit:

JH: That's a great team, almost a dynasty now. And we're all pulling hard for the Giants.

On Halloween plans:

JH: Last year we were all the Wizard of Oz characters. I was the straw person....scarecrow. This year we're going as pirates.