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49ers have team photo day, includes pictures of college grads in alma mater gear

@49ers on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers had a photo day on Monday, and their social media folks posted them earlier today. Up above I posted a version of the team photo that was tweeted out. You can view a gallery of photos HERE. It's an interesting gallery as we see Jim Harbaugh organizing things.

I didn't realize they waited this long to take the team photo. Imagine if the 49ers had made a trade earlier today before the deadline? Would they then just photoshop the appropriate players in and out? I know they also take a photo for the Super Bowl teams at media day, so let's hope that comes to fruition!

The 49ers took a second photo that is cool, and probably unique for the NFL. Jim Harbaugh apparently had some of the players sporting gear from their alma mater. I believe it was just the college graduates, but I'm not entirely sure. Whatever the case, here is one version of that picture, along with a link to a gallery from that particular photo shoot.

It appears the college photo tweet is gone. This was the picture from @49ers: