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Jeff Fisher talks Mark Barron, trick plays, Colin Kaepernick, Austin Davis

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher chatted with 49ers media, and discussed the acquisition of Mark Barron, the play of the two quarterbacks in Sunday's game, and the special teams trickery his team employs. We've got a transcript.

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St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher chatted with Bay Area media on Wednesday, and while he did not provide a ton of details, he did provide a little bit. The Rams acquired safety Mark Barron on Tuesday, and Fisher thinks he has a chance to contribute in some form or fashion this Sunday. That is not a shocking comment, but I do wonder how much exactly we'll see of him.

Fisher got a couple questions related to his team's use of trick plays. The Rams have a seemingly extensive collection of trick plays, and it seems like when they win, they've done it in part by busting out such a play. They almost rolled one out two weeks ago, but Chris Cook sniffed it out. We'll see what kind of craziness Jeff Fisher has in store for the 49ers.

On facing team so quickly after first game:

I mean we were prepared for it when the schedule came down. Obviously a lot has happened since we played them last. I think it's a little different for them, particularly because they've only played one game, as compared to us where we've played two.

On film of the one game the 49ers played:

Well, we always look at previous games. Oh you're talking about Denver? Yo absolutely have to. If there were four in between we'd look at all four. So, yea we look at Denver. And looked at our Monday night game with him. As most coaching staffs do, you do what you had success doing, and if you had things you didn't get called, you try and use them. It's just a process, we're used to it as coaches.

On 49ers more extensive passing game making them more difficult to prepare for:

They're always difficult to prepare for, just because there's a slight shift doesn't mean they're not going to go back to things they had done well in the past. When you watch the Denver game, and you watch the really fine throws that [Colin Kaepernick] made, extending plays with his legs, and of course he picked it up and threw it really well against us. So we're going to have to play much better.

On progress/development of Kap:

They're doing a lot more with him now than early on, which is the natural progression for a quarterback. And he's doing it well. He's got control of the offense, he's making good decisions, he's trusting his legs. He makes all the throws, he does it with a little more accuracy now. He's extending drives on third down either with his arms or his legs, which makes him especially hard to defend.

On more arm vs. leg from Kap:

Nah, I think he's going to make the right decision. He's done that since stepping on the field a couple years ago. He trusts his legs, he can move around, he's looking downfield always to make a play. If it's not there, he can go and can really hurt you defensively.

On dealing with injuries:

Well, we're playing hard, we've been in games, we haven't been able to finish games. We can point to a couple things that have happened in a number of our games that changed the complexion of it. You just have to deal with it. They're part of it. I went on record Monday saying I can't remember having six starters come out of a game and not return. That's what happened to us in Kansas City, but we got a week and we'll see how everybody is by the end of the week.

On offensive line injuries:

It'll be a day-to-day thing. You'll see it on the injury report.

On Chris Long injury:

Well he's getting better, he's getting closer. I'm encouraged, think he's ahead of schedule based on the type of surgery, the sensitivity of the surgery. He's ahead but I can't tell you which game he is going to be back for at this point.

On if they prepared for potential of Aldon Smith returning:

No, that's out of our control. We had discussions about it, but I think the league has a responsibility to inform us early enough in the week so we can have a chance to gameplay for it. That's been the case ... I just sort of expect it, not to hear that he is going to be available for the game on Friday .. If he's available he's available, we're gonna block him. He's an outstanding player. We played against him before. We have great respect for what he's done on the field. If the league so sees that it's appropriate to reinstate him, then we'll have to play against him.

On Mark Barron trade:

We were surprised they were shopping him. We feel like he's a good player. We liked him coming out. We have some depth concerns at that position, and felt like it was the best thing for us. I believe he's got a chance, he's not gotten in the building yet, he's due in here in an hour and a half or so. He's got a chance to contribute in shape or form this week.

On if punter Johnny Hekker throws in practice:

Yea, John does a lot of that. I said that after the Seattle week. He throws, as it is right now, we have two quarterbacks on the roster, so he might very likely throw 7-on-7 the next couple days against our defense.

On Austin Davis's development:

Austin is going to be prepared every week. He's that guy that's in here at 7:30, 8 o'clock on a Friday night by himself, studying. He understands what he's supposed to do, makes good decisions. We didn't give him a lot of help last week, particularly because we lost some guys up front. Then the score got a little bit out of hand, and KC like anybody else when you're one-dimensional on offense, people can rush him. And so we gotta get that fixed. But I think he's done a nice job. He's going things, you know getting us in and out of things on the line of scrimmage, he's extending plays. I see steady improvement from when he came into the game to start the third quarter in the opener.

On if this is a benchmark facing 49ers a second time:

I don't know if they're going to be more prepared to face him than he was last time. He's just going to put a game plan together. He's just got to defend our offense, not just the quarterback. As far as Austin is concerned, this just happens to be the next game on the record, that happens to be a very good football team, on the road. I'm not going to say this game is going to define him as quarterback.

On special teams game planning with trick plays:

Well, I mean we're gonna game-plan on special teams the same way we do offensively and defensively. If we think we have an opportunity to do something unusual, then that's really up to me to make that decision. But I think you guys know us. We're gonna try to win the ballgame however we can. If it means we do something a little unconventional in that phase of the game, then so be it.

On Greg Robinson transition to left tackle with Jake Long injury:

We drafted him to eventually play there. We felt it was best for him to get his feet wet at guard. I thought he played pretty well Monday night in his first start at guard. That has the potential to be nerve-wracking, and he handled that against a good defensive front. Now he's moving out there a little sooner than we expected, but that's why we drafted him. I thought he battled in the game, I think he'll be much better there with a solid week of practice out there.

On if the LA rumors every come up:

It's not ever been discussed among staff members, so it's not an issue for us.