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Antoine Bethea figured out Eagles run signal

San Francisco 49ers safety Antoine Bethea was named NFC defensive player of the week for Week 4, following a strong performance in the 49ers defensive dominance of the Philadelphia Eagles. Fittingly enough, the 49ers also had him mic'd up for the game. I cannot recommend that mic'd up segment enough. There is a great mix of funny and interesting content in the five minutes of video.

The coolest thing on the video is at the 2:11 mark. Bethea is on the sideline telling players how when Foles is saying "over" and motioning over his head, they are calling a run. The next segment shows the defense on the field, and Foles makes the over motion and call. Bethea screams that a run is coming, and just like that, LeSean McCoy gets the handoff. Demarcus Dobbs proceeds to stop McCoy for a loss.

One of the funnier moments was the GIF above, which shows up at the 2:07 mark. In the video, Antoine Bethea had just made a big play to force Lesean McCoy out of bounds for no gain. They cut to Bethea walking off the field, although I believe that was after a different play. Either way, an assistant coach, I believe linebackers coach Jim Leavitt, is just a little bit excited. I cracked up when I saw the excitement and had to GIF it.

Give the whole video a watch.