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Ray McDonald called cop who also works for 49ers game-day security

There is some new info in the Ray McDonald case. It could mean nothing, but it's hard to tell how well the San Jose police and 49ers are handling this situation.

Ezra Shaw

ABC 7 has a rather interesting report detailing one of the reasons there was a delay in getting the Ray McDonald case turned over to the Santa Clara District Attorney's office. According to ABC 7, sometime before or around the time of a 911 call on August 31, McDonald called a San Jose police officer who also works security at 49ers games.

It was unclear if he was on duty or off duty at the time, but police sources said he should not have gone to the home and that he should have advised McDonald to call 911 if he didn't. Calls placed to San Jose police by ABC7 News were not returned.

According to the ABC report, someone called 911 reporting McDonald was abusing his fiancee. However, there is no word on who called, and there has been no other mention of a 911 tape.

Sports teams often use off duty or retired cops for various security. Additionally, teams will sometimes have a contact person for players to call if they get in trouble, or have some issues to deal with. Given how quickly things gain traction in the media, it's a smart idea to have people who understand the system, and can help facilitate players through things shortly after something happens.

That being said, this adds to my own doubt that this is being handled completely appropriately. I would hope the security person did nothing unethical or illegal, but unfortunately this kind of thing leaves me a little skeptical. I hope nothing comes of it, but we're going to have to wait and see.