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NFL picks against the spread, Week 9: 49ers with a sizable spread for the SuperContest

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The 49ers are back in action as a 10-point favorite against the Rams. Do I take them with one of my five SuperContest picks? Who else should I consider?

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Welcome back for another week of Fooch's picks! I am not exactly dominating in the world of the LVH SuperContest, but I am making progress one week at a time. I put together my second straight 3-2 performance, which combined with a 5-0 performance four weeks ago has moved me up firmly into the middle of the upper half of the standings. I can't imagine that lasts long, so I'm gong to enjoy it while I can.

For those that missed the previous explanation, I'm taking part in the LVH SuperContest, with OddsShark covering my entry fee. There are over 1,400 entries, and my goal from day one has been to finish closer to first place than last place. You can check out full standings here. The 3-2 week has me at 22-18 overall, and hanging on the right side of the middle of the pack! Heading into the season, my goal was to finish closer to first than last. I'm in decent position right now, and hopefully I can finish above .500 on the season.

The 49ers are back in action this week, and the SuperContest offers them up as a 10-point favorite against the Rams. With only 13 games on the schedule, I am incredibly tempted to grab this one, particularly with the Rams injury concerns. I don't like double digit spreads, but this seems like a good opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. Anybody want to talk me out of it.

Other than that, I'm looking at the Chargers, Browns, Cardinals, Steelers and Giants, among others. I'm tempted by the Panthers at home given how poorly the Saints seem to play on the road. If I went with the Panthers, I would have to get in all five of my picks by Thursday afternoon, so I am not entirely sure if I want to go with that. There are enough injury question marks that I might prefer to wait. The biggest injury question would be Tony Romo. It sounds like he will be a game-time decision. Even if he plays though, Arizona is an intriguing road underdog this weekend. I would prefer they lose for obvious reasons, so maybe I pick Arizona just to put a little jinxing on them?

PANTHERS vs. Saints (-2.5) - Panthers
DOLPHINS vs. Chargers (+1.5) - Chargers
BENGALS vs. Jaguars (+11) - Bengals
BROWNS vs. Buccaneers (+6.5) - Browns
VIKINGS vs. Washington (+2.5) - Vikings
TEXANS vs. Eagles (-2) - Eagles
CHIEFS vs. Jets (+9.5) - Chiefs
COWBOYS vs. Cardinals (+3.5) - Cardinals
49ERS vs. Rams (+10) - 49ers
PATRIOTS vs. Broncos (-3) - Patriots
SEAHAWKS vs. Raiders (+15) - Seahawks
STEELERS vs. Ravens (-1) - Steelers
GIANTS vs. Colts (-3.5) - Giants