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Imagine Charles Haley opposite Aldon Smith in the 49ers pass rush

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The San Francisco 49ers have a championship caliber team, but there are some question marks on the roster. What 49ers legend would you add to rectify the weaknesses?

Marshall Faulk is back asking us what San Francisco 49ers legend we would add to the current roster, and how the team would perform with said legend. The 49ers have the talent to win the Super Bowl, but adding an all-time 49ers great would certainly make for an interesting twist.

Given that we are talking about the San Francisco 49ers, the list of legends is lengthy. Some would go straight to a Joe Montana, Steve Young or Jerry Rice. They're all-time greats that would give this team a ridiculous boost. I think Colin Kaepernick can develop into a great quarterback, but I'm sure plenty of people would love to see what Montana or Young could do with this team. I think the 49ers wide receivers can do plenty as is, but mix in Jerry Rice or Terrell Owens with this group, and that would be something else.

But rather than go with one of those, I wanted to look at the 49ers actual roster needs and consider 49ers legends that would help in those areas. This is all fantasy, but I like the idea of a 49ers fantasy built on the realities of the current team. With that in mind, here are a few guys I'd consider:

OLB/DE Charles Haley

The 49ers will welcome back Aldon Smith sometime between now and the Giants game. At that point, the pass rush should improve. And having Aaron Lynch occasionally opposite Smith could create one heck of a book-end to their nickel four-man front. But imagine if the 49ers could put Charles Haley opposite Aldon Smith in pass rush situations? Imagine just how filthy that would be for opposing quarterbacks. Charles Haley is one of the most fearsome pass rushers in NFL history, and Aldon Smith is showing the talent to be one of the best pass rushers in the current era.

C Jesse Sapolu

The 49ers saw center Daniel Kilgore go down with a broken ankle, and are set to debut rookie Marcus Martin. I'm very excited to see what Martin can do, and am generally optimistic about his talent, but I certainly would have no problem inserting a veteran center like Jesse Sapolu. He would be undersized compared to current offensive linemen, but I'll cheat and pretend he would be a bit bigger with today's strength and conditioning programs. He would do a great job anchoring a 49ers offensive line that has been inconsistent this season.

CB Jimmy Johnson

The 49ers secondary has exceeded expectations to a certain degree, but there is always concerns about some regression. How about we go in the way back machine and drop in 49ers Hall of Fame cornerback Jimmy Johnson? For the younger fans, that is not in fact the former Cowboys and Dolphins coach, but rather the 49ers first round pick in the 1961 NFL Draft. He spent 16 seasons with the 49ers, and trails only Ronnie Lott on the franchise's all-time interception list. Cornerback is less of a need than the above positions, but it's worth a mention.

Of these three, Haley is likely the biggest impact player. Combine him with Aldon Smith, and the 49ers would have the most ferocious pass rush in the NFL. I don't even think that would up for debate. But maybe you have a better suggestion for who to add!

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