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'Prosecutors leaning against charging' Ray McDonald, per Tracy Kaplan

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Santa Clara District Attorney's office is leaning against pressing domestic violence charges against San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald, according to Tracy Kaplan of the San Jose Mercury News. The report stated that a decision would be announced soon with reasons for said decision.

McDonald was arrested at his on home on August 31 for suspicion of domestic violence. San Jose police took him into custody and the initial report indicated there were some signs of bruising. The police were investigating the matter over the course of a month before turning it over to the DA's office in early October. The case proceeded to get confusing as more information was leaked out. There were reports of potentially cozy relationships with the local police. There were reports of a May incident with McDonald's fiancee. The whole thing has become more and more of a mystery as more and more information has come out.

Without video tape we are unlikely to know for certain everything that happened the evening of August 30/31. Instead, we just have to wait for the DA to decide what they're going to do, and just hope for the best.