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KSK Halloween-themed 49ers logo, and 49ers costume ideas

Chris Trotman

The folks at Kissing Suzy Kolber will occasionally come up with some great logo re-designs, and naturally Halloween has provided them with one such great opportunity. With the help of @DrawPlayDave, they put together a Halloween type re-design on each NFL logo. You can view them all HERE, but I figured I would drop in the 49ers version of this logo.

It is probably not quite as scary as some of the others. My favorite NFC West version might be the Rams logo. They go for the "It" look with clown hair and a big red nose. I know a few people that are deathly afraid of clowns, so it is safe to say they might want to avoid it!

I'm keeping an eye out for 49ers-specific Halloween costumes, and will have an open thread later tonight for people to drop in any pictures they might have of their 49ers-related costumes. Plenty of people will continue to go as Jim Harbaugh. It is still a fun one, but ideally people will look for some creative versions of it. One suggestion would be to go as a blind referee. You can sport the ref outfit, then add sunglasses and a walking stick. Any other 49ers or NFL specific costumes you might consider?

People are also doing plenty of decorating in front of their houses, but this is one of my early favorites.