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Colin Kaepernick in a Star Wars helmet as "Random Bounty Hunter"

@kaepernick7 on Instagram

Happy Halloween, everybody! The picture above is from yesterday, so not quite a Halloween celebration, but I like it! Colin Kaepernick is on the right as "Random Bounty Hunter", his brother Kyle is on the left as "Random Sith Lord", and the guy in the middle as "Random Storm Trooper" is D.J. E-Rock, who is a Bay Area DJ that works at clubs in Las Vegas.

If you're wondering why they have "Random" on their shirts, it comes courtesy of a guy named Diplo. He's a DJ who happens to be an Eagles fan, but is a big fan of Colin Kaepernick. His most recent record was "Random White Dude be Everywhere" and you can buy a "Random White Dude" t-shirt. The random Star Wars characters was in tribute to that.

It is indeed a random look, but it's fun.