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Happy Halloween!

Jamie Squire

The 49ers have a game to get ready for on Sunday, but it falls the weekend of Halloween, so I figured a Friday evening Halloween open thread was in order. If you get a chance to take a picture of your costume, or you see some good ones out there, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Jim Harbaugh remains the go-to 49ers costume, so I'm sure plenty of people will consider that once again. I have a jail house prisoner outfit I wear when I'm too lazy to think of a new costume. It was cheap and has lasted me off and on the last four or five years. Normally I like to come up with something fun, but sometimes I just don't have time. I remain a Halloween fan in part because growing up in Las Vegas, we got October 31 off from school because it was "Nevada Day", when the state came into the union. It made it kind of fun.

This is a Halloween open thread, but feel free to chat away about non-Halloween stuff as well.