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One last look at the Alex Smith trade results

The San Francisco 49ers traded Alex Smith a year and a half ago. They acquired a second round picks in the 2013 and 2014 NFL Drafts, and have since done some wheeling and dealing. Here is how things settled.


Over the last year and a half, we've had numerous discussions about the Alex Smith trade. The San Francisco 49ers traded Smith to the Chiefs for a 2013 second round pick, and a 2014 third round pick that became a second round pick when the Chiefs finished with a winning record in 2013. Thanks to Trent Baalke's love of draft-day trades, the 49ers made neither of those picks, instead wheeling and dealing up and down the draft board.

Following this year's draft, I put together a rundown of the trade, and its final results. I included Stevie Johnson as an indirect result of the trade, but even without it, the 49ers did a lot with those two picks. They have seen some results, but they are still waiting to really hit on the picks.

Cam Inman put together a nice little flowchart that makes it a bit easier to understand the picks.