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Vernon Davis injury update: There is a 'small chance' he will play Sunday

The San Francisco 49ers announced that Vernon Davis and Anthony Davis are both questionable. We take a look at Vernon Davis's Friday comments on the topic.

Ezra Shaw

The San Francisco 49ers have listed tight end Vernon Davis and right tackle Anthony Davis as questionable for Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. During the Friday media scrum in the locker room, Vernon said that there is a "small chance" he will play on Sunday, according to Steve Corkran.

It can be difficult figuring out just how to take Vernon's comments about his healthy. Earlier in the week he said he thought he would be fine. Given this comment about a small chance, I would have to guess his back spasms have not yet subsided like he was hoping. Earlier in the week, he talked about how it was difficult sitting and standing. It is probably safe to assume he figured they would improve over the course of the week.

Instead, we're left with Vernon being at best a "game-time decision". My guess for him and Anthony is that neither plays on Sunday. I don't know that there is a hard and fast rule that a player will not play if he does not practice during the week, but given the injury issues, I would be surprised if either played.

We don't really know the true extent of Anthony's injury. My guess would be some kind of ligament sprain, but we won't be getting confirmation on that anytime soon. But even still, the team will not want to rush him back and risk aggravating the injury any further. The same holds true for Vernon's back. A back injury can be tricky, and rushing it back can cause further complications.

The 49ers will simply need to figure out a way to snap their ugly winless streak when Vernon Davis is sidelined.