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Jed York tweets about Jim Harbaugh as 49ers head coach, following Jay Glazer report

The reports continue. Jay Glazer reported Jim Harbaugh is gone no matter what happens this year, and Jed York tweets support for his coach for the here and now. All that matters is winning the Super Bowl.

Ezra Shaw

Another Sunday with even more Jim Harbaugh drama. During the FOX pre-game show, Jay Glazer reported Coach Harbaugh would not be back even if the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl. Just a few minutes ago, Jed York tweeted this out:

Indeed, this is not a popularity contest. As I mentioned earlier following Randy Moss comments and an Adam Schefter report, all that matters in this league is winning. There is no doubt that some kind of tension exists, but for the 2014 season, all that matters is winning the Super Bowl.

It is entirely possible Jim Harbaugh is coaching somewhere else. Obviously the future is a big question mark. But you know what, at this point, all that matters is Lombardi No. 6. That might not be the greatest long-term plan, but given how deep this roster is right now, I don't think we really need to say anything more than, win now, win now, win now. It's so simple.

The reports are going to continue and we'll keep an eye on them, but if this team keeps winning, that's all that matters in 2014.