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Chiefs trolls 49ers, name Alex Smith, A.J. Jenkins, Marcus Cooper as team captains

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Ezra Shaw

I don't know how the Kansas City Chiefs decide on their team captains for each game, but it is very clear they are trolling the San Francisco 49ers this week. The Chiefs sent their captains out for the coin toss, and they included quarterback Alex Smith, A.J. Jenkins, and Marcus Cooper.

All three played for the San Francisco 49ers in some form or another. Smith obviously spent eight seasons in San Francisco. Jenkins was drafted in 2012, and was traded before the end of 2013 training camp. Cooper was a seventh round pick in 2013, and was released at the end of camp. The 49ers wanted him for their practice squad, but the Chiefs claimed him off waivers.

This game is about much more than a few returns to San Francisco, but they become easy stories to help guide the narrative. In reality, this is about a pair of 2-2 teams looking to build on recent success. The 49ers took down the unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles in Week 4, while the Chiefs have won two straight, including a thorough beatdown of the New England Patriots this past Monday.